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Hello, and welcome to my online porfolio for my life, play, and career interests.

      My intention with this incredibly useful media device is to provide people with a simple and easily-accessible manner in which to read over my experience, skills, and overall knowledge of the museum and heritage field, and how I would benefit any institution or organization that I become a part of now or in the future. Within this portfolio you will find my relationship with the areas of collections management, conservation and preservation, and exhibitions, and also overall traits not necessarily involved with this field. With that, I invite to read on if you would life to know some more about me as a person, or if not, please feel free to continue on in this online and see exactly what I have been up to in this field. 

Cheers, and have a good one


About Me

       My name is Alan D.K. Armstrong III and this is a little about me and my life. I was born on March 4th, 1987 to parents Alan and Debra and older sister Valerie, and fully named Alan David Kendall Armstrong the Third, after my father and grandfather. We lived in Blackburn Hamlet for almost two years before moving to Alfred in the East Ottawa Valley where I lived and spent my childhood. During these younger years, my life revolved around two things: sports and school, which pretty much remained the same until high school where other things were added to the mix, and then even more when I moved onto university. These years were a time of personal growth that have been greatly beneficial to my person, and am open to say that my growth still continues even after completing a second post-secondary program at college and moving into the professional world. As of right now, I find myself living in the same town as where I went to high school, ready to take on the world at large where that may take me either a few days from now or several years into the future.

        While being a kid was priority, I nevertheless worked my way through school to first graduate from Plantagenet Public School in 2001, then later from Rockland District High School in 2005. A lot of living and life experiences happened during these years, and even more were to come when I began my university life at Carleton University a short couple months after finishing high school. It had already been made clear to me that pursuing a degree is what I wanted to do and so I did just that. Along the way I turned ever so slightly from that path to become involved with ancient, or classical, studies which fuelled me with a renewed passion for my schooling. When I neared the end of my undergrad, I made the decision to continue in this field by undertaking the applied museum studies program at Algonquin College which to proved to be challenge worth accepting. I worked harder in this program than any other academic period in my life, and it was well worth the struggle for what I gained from this museum program has set me on a path capable of being successful and efficient in the history and heritage field.

        Now all work and no play would make me a dull boy if I did not have any hobbies or regular activities that I take part in so of course I have several that I keep up with as often as I can. Reading is always at the top of list with my interests being history, science fiction, futurology, true to life stories, and graphic novels of different sorts. An interest of mine that truly developed in late high school is writing in more traditional styles and in various forms such as personal experiences or creative writing that I exercise almost daily. I have mulitple writing books dedicated to these different writing topics of mine. A more recent interest that I have become passionate about is drawing whatever catches my mind as something that I would like to draw. While my skills are still developing, I make time to draw a few times a week to practice and improve upon what I drew the week previous. Something that is directly related to drawing which I have immense passion and respect for is calligraphy, which I have learned takes a good amount of practice and patience to improve upon yet is easy to enjoy. My other personal hobby is playing bass guitar which I picked up three summers back and have not put it down since. I do have sports and physical activities that I keep active in which I have been a part of since my childhood. Hockey, soccer, working out, and starting a few years ago, lumberjacking, are my core sports that I play and love.

        Over the course of my life I have developed different objectives and goals which have led me in various directions including the direction to where I am now. With my academic background in history, classics, and most recently museum studies, and practical working experience at heritage sites and in sales, warehouse, and labour positions, I provide a unique package to the professional workplace. I take pride in my work ethic, initiative, and ability to get the task at hand done combined with the right knowledge and know-how which I am always eager to demonstrate. My long-term life goal in working in the history and heritage field is not just to get a job, but rather to apply myself and all that I hold to the preservation of the past that was in the present for the future to be, so that we as a society have a past to look back onto. This is my purpose in life and is thus what I strive to reach with every new opportunity and challenge.

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