Geomatics and GIS

       In discovering a new avenue for history and heritage preservation, early in 2017 I began to research and inquire into the field of geomatics which took me right up to August where I officially decided to make a career transition, or rather expansion. Since September 2017, I have been learning and gaining new skills, abilities, and experience in the discipline of geomatics which is leading me towards an exciting career in applying geomatics to history, heritage, and archaeology. In saying that, it is my goal and overall mission to use what I learn from this discipline to works towards bringing a new angle to history and archaeology, and preserve the past in new and exciting ways. Furthermore, I am working towards becoming a geospatial historian using all that I know and continue to learn.

From Geomatics and GIS, these skills and abilities are what I have learned and continue to develop:

  • GIS
  • GPS
  • Remote Sensing- PCI Geomatica, SNAP
  • Cartography
  • Mapping Programs- ArcMap, ArcPro, QGIS, gvSIG
  • Spatial Data Databasing
  • 3D City Building- CityEngine, Blender
  • RStudio
  • Machine Learning

Immediately below are some examples of the work that I have been doing thus far in the Carleton University Geomatics program.

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